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Probing thoughts on decomposing the plastic wastes

 Probing thoughts on 

decomposing the plastic  wastes



Organic Treatment to handle plastic waste, and create alternate fuel



At times, we have seen rodents, consuming plastic covers, when they don’t have any food. They do survive, after consuming the plastics. So probably some of these plastics, at least the plastic covers may be degradable by the saliva of the rodents, probably this applies when they are hunger.
The plastics are soluble in organic solvents,
  1. Acetone 
  2. Xylene / Toulene could be the best solvents that can be used.

Ref Plastic-Chemical reaction chart :
From the above chart, Acetone, Xylene/Toulene are the best choice for plastic treatment. As they cover most of the category. But based on the requirement probably the choice of the chemical can be changed.

What actions do you propose?

If there is not much of harm by using Acetone and Xylene, probably we can use them to treat the plastic wastes.
Plastic Reaction Chart to chemicals:
The treatment of plastic with acetone and Xylene breaks the plastic to simple components. Probably we can reduce the plastic wastes by treating them. The plastic needs to be separated before being treated. If that is not possible first the waste may be treated with Acetone, first then the remaining residue can be treated with xylene. But if there is any other chemical or compound that may react with Acetone/Xylene they need to be separated for e.g. electronic wastes etc as both acetone and xylene are inflammable. 
The residue from this reaction,may differ based on the plastic been treated, so petrochemicals may be obtained at the end of the reaction, such as wax, tar etc. If some bio-degradable component is obtained it can be used for land filling of barren lands, to cultivate a forest and the solution can be used as low grade acetone.
The acetone can be used, to improve the calorific value of the fuels such as vegetable oil. So the solution retrieved in the previous reaction can be used as an additive.
This topic requires some research, probably as octane number research. Countries that use old vehicles may benefit with such fuel mixture.Weak solution of acetone (acetone treated with large amount of plastics) can be used as a safer additive with fuels.
This idea can be combined along with Pyrolysis of Plastic, it may reduce the temperature required to conduct the reaction.

Dissolving Plastics:

When the idea is combined, with Algae Frames, Co2 been released can be captured.

The Algae Frames may not be the most efficient idea to be implemented, but as the budget, required to implement this is within the reach of many countries. This is just the beginning on the investment of Co2 capture technology in a simple way. The other ways of reducing Co2 in atmosphere is by carbon taxing. But the role of fossil fuels have increased in your day to day life so we cannot ignore them completely in one or two years, it takes time to achieve the change.

Algae frame just helps to begin in the Co2 capturing in a simple way:

Please provide your views on Algae sliders in the above link. 


Less toxic solvent/residue?

At times we have seen the rodents consuming plastics when they are hunger, they do survive after consuming the plastics, probably they may have some bile fluids that can shred the plastic, probably a less toxic solvent can be prepared which can resemble the bile fluid. The residue being obtained at the end of the reaction can be used as a bio-waste that can be used in bio mass energy production.


Where will these actions be taken?

  1. Any Country.
  2. Acetone Additive can be used in developing nations where old vehicles may be more as this additives has been proved to increase the millage so in turn we improve the combustion. The acetone inc the efficiency by cleaning the engine parts.

What are other key benefits?

  1. Alternate fuel can be produces algae-bio-diesel when algae frames used, acetone base fuel is produced.
  2. Residual waste can be used to lay roads, as they are petroleum by products.


  4. Pyrolysis of Polystyrene


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