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Probing of Cancer

                 Probing of Cancer 

  1. Analogous electrical circuit for cancer. The Human body is made up of a number of cells, the energy from each cells keeps our body functioning, In a way cells are biological substance which uses chemicals to produce energy, analog to an electrical circuit.with a number of cells working in series in order to provide electricity. 
    Cancer happens for so many reasons, but a tumor or cancer cell behaves in a different fashion apart from other good cells. Basically cancers are proteins. So if we consider this to an solar cell arrangement, where an array of cells, photovoltaic cells providing energy when they are connected in series, the cancer cell can be treated as a cell which is out of order and produces a higher voltage/lower voltage. Probably a similar terminology, used to solve in electrical circuit can have an impact in cancer for instance tilt angle is been used in solar panels similarly in medical research orientation of cells (Stems)
    though the above research, says some of the spindle orientations happen to cause some type of cancer, can a same approach be done for treatment of cancer ? In other words if we can orient the cancer cells using the drugs does its effect gets reduced ? a similar approach is done with Ph of cell as well ref point 5).
  2. My understanding is Tumor tend to produce ATP mainly by the glycolytic pathway  in detail article But the yield of this cells will be as good as normal cells who undergo glycolytic pathway ?,so is there a way to label cancer cells get killed with apoptosis ?  for e.g. check this article tumor painting my understanding is the cell painting, do produce some chemicals which gives some visible changes, in other words it should be some chemical reaction with some specific chemicals being produced chlorine in this case ,if we can find a drug which makes all these cells apoptosis probably filtered by the chemicals produced in the reaction i.e. Some drug which gets reacted to only these cells and inhibits the atp production to an extent ,so the subsequent cells fails to survive ? 
  3. The concept of apoptosis is it possible to have selective? That it acts only on the tumor cells? is it possible to develop a drug that creates nutrient deficiency in these cells and kill them?, or some viral which attacks only the tumor affected cells (which has acts just like the tumor painting?) i agree that there may be other metabolic activities that needs to be considered, but does the cell growth gets affected in this way does the deficiency in oxygen in any way affects the tumor? 
  4. How does the cancer cells behave w.r.t sleep, there are stages in sleep like alpha wave etc and how it behaves w.r.t to temp with higher temp tissue gets destroyed but with lower temp does the activity slows down ? 
  5.  Behavior of Tumor with the Ph and neutral of the cell to be investigated the research on killing a cell by making it more acidic rather than neutral is been done(cell gets killed) but has this been achieved as an drug? How does this Ph varies responds with other cells? doesn't it creates an side effect ?
  6. Questions posted on post malignant-melanoma-drug-resistance-futile 
  7. Can we use virology to a greater extent for cancer,  i haven't heard much of this technology in cancer treatment, though we may need to have various types of artificial viruses, is it feasible to target the cancer cells ?, you may be interested in this when we can target the tumor cells, with technology like tumor painting why can't we alternatively synthesize a drug which reacts with the targeted cells (illuminated tumor cells, due to tumor paint) and kill them? its difficult to target the cells, but when tumor paint succeeds why not the same be applied to other types of cancers ?, why can't we have it for drug based diagnosis ?  
  8. Is there any thing common between the different types of cancers, i mean is there a particular type of protein involved in all of these ? or at least similar ones  / similar sequence ? 
  9. Does this approach still valid ? The game of using the drugs to increase or decrease PH levels of the cells ?   
  10. There are some tumor surgery drugs, like Tumor painting, not sure how they exactly target the desired cells, can't we have a similar approach for other cancer cell? does all the cancer cells have affinity to chlorine as used in tumor painting ? 
  11. When we say resistive cells, i believe they develop antibodies right? so how does these cells, behave when we have some viral fevers or some other disease that happens to win over the antibodies? though they will win over the normal cells as well! is there a way to use virology to target resistive cells and use normal drugs strategy for non resistive cells? check this article virus in research   
  12. Why does cancer occurs suddenly, is it purely because of some mutation ?  if we say personal habits to contribute, why people with clean habits also faces it?
  13. Can cancer become hereditary disease ? If it is connected with DNA mutations ?
  14. Due to chemo therapy cancer cells gets killed completely, so what is the effect of heat on cancer cells if the heat is less, or if it gets applied in a control manner based on cell density? such that it lives but tend to become normal cells is this possible?
  15. Is there any look up table between affinity of a virus to particular protein/cell/chemical compound ?
  16. How does medicine works ? Is it something like balancing chemical equation? so that the chemicals of cells / secreted becomes neutralized and less harmful chemicals alone gets released as in balancing equation of fuel combustion ?
  17. How does cancer differs in other species ? 
  18. Music therapy: Its been said that in old days there used, to be healing technique cure diseases, and even bring rain there seems to be a bond between music and environment, the principle may be, the body hormones may be secreting the chemicals based on the music / electromagnetic waves application(compare it as an piezo electric device), this is a lost knowledge. Even now days,our mood swings based on the music we hear, so this swing in moods relates to hormones chemical secretion, So is there a research or such thoughts been implemented as a part of personalized medicine? Because few things can be cured by stimulation. 

 Questions on Stem Cells:

  1. Does stem cells creates tumor ? how does the implantation happens ? say for skin cancer  is it possible to get the fat cells from belly and generate the tissue for skin, just by implanting this cells, stem cells forms skin ? or do we need to code (gene) on the implanted stem cell such that it takes the form of skin cells?
  2.  If hair has the stem cells, then why it doesn’t gets activated during baldness or skin damage? 
  3.  Can the twins serve as a stem cell donors? Does Nails serves as a candidate for stem cell research?   
  4. Is it possible to identify cancer cells and inject cell division suppressors? "ARF, RC" which stops cell division and prevent cancer ?
  5.  Does all living organs have stem cells? Insects too? sometimes if you beat cockroaches, they tend to survive and get back to normal, so do they have stem cells that replenish damaged cells quickly ? whereas for mammals it happens slowly ? 
  6. When you implant  stem cells, how do immune system responds to those cells ? both embryo and from donors? 
  7.  There are some diseases where people do not have muscles, in their body so is it possible to use stem cells of skin and generate muscle though by birth they don’t have muscles ? 
  8.  Does the stem cells replaces cancer cell ? or we need to use other techniques  to kill these cancer cells and then stem cells regenerates it with the new normal cells?
  9. How the gene coding is does, does switching off of certain genes creates some other issue? an abnormal sequenced cell how we can ensure normal standard cells are produced ? 
  10.  Question 3  cont, can't we use the quick growing property of nail (specific gene to other cells, so in case of emergency the other specific cells like bone / skin can be grown quickly ?
  11. Some article says, tumor can also be created due to stem cell injunction,not sure if this happens as an immune system difference,when actual cells and implemented cells differs, can we use target cell approach as in tumor paint or use virology to decrease
    the immune system of tumor/cancer cells alone along with stem cell implementation?

    check this:

    say by following a look up based approach :
    though achieving it, may take time and research, but seems feasible whats your thought on this ? 
  12. There is probably 2 ways of addressing cancer, it is by using inorganic chemistry by using the approach done in tumor paint and the other is by using the organic chemistry using the virology or using cells as mentioned in this article  If we can do the gene coding / selective gene replacement as mentioned in the plastic surgery using stem cell video for a human cells, can't we use the same approach to the virus, to selectively recode their genes (GMO) is this possible, will there be any side effects of such virus?
  13. As mentioned in the video, we can remove the certain chemicals like RC and ARF, how are these achieved in labs? so can't we use a similar technology to create virus, probably they are not as complex as human cells is this not possible?
  14. As per some research its been said certain cancer cells tend to have virus, can't we use virus to fight against virus
  15. Is there a relationship between stem cell treatment and age ? As we age the cell production will reduce so is stem cells, so a embryonic stem cell being created from an aged patient will work ? what issues does this kind of treatment has? or will it be treated as an offspring and it will be effective to regenerate ?
  16. Can the stem cells used to treat Alzheimers disease ? 
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