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Algae Frames an approach to reduce global warming

 Probing into the problem 
of global warming
Algae Frame to handle Global Warming. This differs from other approaches,its simple and more efficient but requires government support.
Algae Frame
1) Algae is simple plant that can be grown easily.
2) Using a frame, we can grow the algae. The base of the slider can be a thin layer of any rock or a wood, which helps in the growth of the algae.
3) The frame can be fixed easily, to wall, to boards, or a container truck.
The idea is to have a mobile / superimposed forest set up using any small plants which does photosynthesis at various places.
1.    Industrial plants (Petroleum, manufacturing industries, Where pollution is more.)
2.    Offices Buildings (Where a big banner can be decorated, or certain floors can be used to harvest the plants, where there is adequate sunlight,rains).If we bring a rule that every office should implement this for an floor, with so many building around, still we cover a lot of area.
3.    Moving vehicles like Carrier trucks, and trains (where the frames can be fitted and removed easily) This frames can be removed and installed during the service period of the vehicle.
4.    Sides of Houses / Residential area

The idea seems to be clumsy, when it gets implemented on the sides of the house or an building. but if it is designed properly it makes a huge difference, every sq cm counts, as the say goes droplets of water creates ocean, installation of frames has a huge impact in the climate as we are creating thinly populated distributed superimposed algae forest. 
I believe every one would contribute for this, no one would mind to hang an algae frames on the exterior walls of their home, considering a better future.With the help of designers looks can be improved as well.
With the help of some botanist an algae paint could be developed which serves as a paint on the walls for sometime and as they grow up they can be scrapped easily say after a certain period, under the influence of gravity.
The actions been defined here has been categorized
1.    The responsibility lies with government,
2.    Corporate Offices and Industries.
3.    and Individuals the civilians.

This idea probably can be executed by the government or can be combined with some other existing idea, with some initial capital investment.
With the growth in population, energy consumption has increased. We need to find better energy resources and alternative transport facilities like public transportation and use bicycles wherever possible. The change should come immediately from each one of us, day by day. The population is increasing and so is the pollution,we can control the population only through education and awareness program.

We need to find a way out to reduce pollution and temperatures. The solution is to grow forests at faster rates. One of the solutions to help this is to use algae.

What is Algae?
A simple plant around us which grows in wet conditions in presence of sunlight.
They are a very large and diverse group of simple, typically autographic organisms, ranging from unicellular to multicellular forms, such as the giant kelps that grow to 65 meters in length. Most are photosynthetic and "simple" because they lack the many distinct cell and organ types found in land plants. - source Wikipedia

Algae Frames:
1.    Algae is a simple plant,that can be grown easily in presence of sunlight and saline water.
2.    Algae frame: using a frame, we can grow the algae. The base of the frame can be a thin layer of any rock,wood or a metal with irregular surface with some wood or rock casting if required.
3.    Saline water setup: The frames can be fixed easily, to wall, to doors, or to walls of a container truck.It should have a transparent lid with perforation to have air supply and a small saline water sprayer motor setup, to keep the base of the frame wet.
4.    Future expansion tubes: the frames needs to have tube connectivity at one/or all the sides, this serves as an inlet, for exhaust gas, this increases the efficiency of the algae frames incase of vehicles.

The entire setup acts like a small-mobile-forest. The higher number of frames/cells, the denser forest we'll have.

1) Global warming can be reduced. We can reduce the temperature through co2 capture mechanism.
2) The algae frames has to be handled separately, as algae waste. This waste serves as bio-mass, for algae based energy generation or can be used for algae farming/barren land filling.
3) It can generate employment, in various fields.

1) Growth of algae needs to be controlled.
2) frames should be placed, with proper illumination

The concept of mobile foresting or overlapping areas is not limited to Algae.Any plant which doesn't weight much and can be grown easily could be used.If there is a possibility a hybrid plant that can have the qualities of algae and cactus could be used.
The idea is to bring down the temperature, by co2 capture.
The efficiency of the idea, may be less, as no sophisticated technology been used to do co2 capture, but this can be done with less capital and more returns, the idea is to increase the probability of co2 capture by introducing more algae sliders in a given area.
Co2 capturing technology by algae : Algae captures more co2 than a tree.

This is a theoretical idea, but with the advanced nano composites this idea can be improved. It is a choice between the budget, efficiency and technology.
Role of Government: In implementing the Rule:
1.    Rule for Corporate Building: Bring rules that buildings/area having more than x floors or which emits y% of C02 should implement algae sliders to u% floors.
2.    Rule for Industrial Sectors: Algae sliders to reduce pollution.
3.    Rule for Heavy Motors :Automobiles like huge truck carriers, should use frames on the walls of the carriers.
4.    Densely populated area estimation should have a algae frames (Some calculation should be made how much of o2 is required in a area and based on that a rule should be made.) Even a small frame of the size of photo frames makes an impact when we consider the combine effect.
5.    Research on changing dessert into Algae frames implement able sites/ plant dna research along with soil specialist is a must, to see how a barren land can be turned to useful area, probably bio waste dump can have impact as well. ref Algal farming.
6.    Future expansion Algae Frames: there are certain constraints which needs to be addressed for the algae-expansion-exhaust gas set up and may require research and surveys. as below :

1.    How can a cooled exhaust gas, can be sent to algae frames?
2.    How much does coolant, set up weights?,
3.    Dose the individuals, invest in such accessories? and will they install, in their vehicle?
4.    How can such accessories, can be made beautiful in luxury cars ?
5.    Will algae, survive the hot blow of exhaust air ? how far it gets affected?
6.    How long does the government, takes to implement such an rule effectively?
7.    How fast the coolant device, can come to market at an affordable price for everyone and all vehicles ?

Who will take these actions?
1.    Organizations who have buildings.
2.    Industries.
3.    Organizations Public/Private transports, Carrier Trucks. Sides of Bus.
4.    Government Transport, with proper geometric structure, like trains carriage.
5.    Sides of the house, in a densely populated area with proper geometric structure.

Where will these actions be taken?
1.    This can be implemented in any country, both developing and developed countries.
2.    With the help of advanced nano composites and architects this idea can be turned into feasible.
3.    The idea can be implemented in phases
·            Transport (There a large no of carrier trucks around the world)
·            Industrial plant walls (Geometrically structured walls)
What are other key benefits?
1.    Algae can be used as fuel alternate energy source.
2.    Algae helps in reducing Co2
3.    Algae reduces pollution
4.    Cost of implementing the idea can be less as algae plays a vital role.
5.    With help of architects and advance nano composites this can be implemented in cities as well.
6.    It generates job opportunities as the algae sliders needs to be handled and scrapped periodically, a separate garbage collecting team is required to collect and treat them, and algae slider removing and fixing team is required to fix the sliders, apart from this algae sliders manufacturing team is required.
7.    Frames been used can be a stone or any irregular surface with a thin slice,with circulation of some saline water algae can be grown easily and quickly.

What are the proposal’s costs?
1.    Cost of implementing the idea can be less as algae plays a vital role, in storing the carbon and absorbing the pollutants but the initial cost may be more as algae frames needs to manufactured and handled properly.
2.    Technical implementation may post a hurdle as the support of the government is required in implementing the rules.
3.    When the sunlight and illumination and saline water circulation is been done properly efficiency will be more.

Time line
1.    This can be implemented in phases based on Area, where the pollution is more probably first in sites where Co2 emission is more. Then it can be implemented slowly in other places, bases on its response.
2.    The idea can be implemented in phases based on the type :
·               Transport (There a large no of carrier trucks around the world)
·               Industrial plant walls (Geometrically structured walls)

6.    Same idea shared in GPY2015 http://
8.    Algal Farming: Barren land to fertile
9.    Dessert to Fertile

 Note this idea reached semi-finals of climate control challenge: You can view judges views and comment on the same.


  1. Hi Venkat

    Growing Diatom Algae in ponds, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc., is a simpler solution.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, the point i want to mention here is by having the algae as an superimposed forest, so it overlaps with the city, in vehicle body, building walls etc so the sq m covered by it increases and it can absorb the co2 then and there, so it therby reduces the green house gases by locking it by doing photosynthesis. It is a complex one which involves lot of team to get involved but its worth trying as the Judges mentioned in previous climate co lab competition.